Buyer Persona Who?

Textbook definition of a buyer person states it’s “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers”. What does this mean? Why is this important for a marketer? How do I use this? Turning to expert, Tony Zambito, to understand buyer personas. A detailed buyer persona will help you determine where to focus your time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organization.

He has helped leading Fortune 100 companies gain a deeper understanding of their buyers. Tony has written several eBooks including which are available to download here. (

Zambito’s 6 Reasons Why Buyer Personas Are More Important Than Ever

  1. They inform marketing and sales strategies.
  2. Develop a common language about buyers.
  3. Inform market and customer strategies.
  4. Design thinking is more prominent.
  5. Better performance results expected.
  6. Globalization is now a must for all organizations.

“Best practicing organizations are using buyer personas” (Zambito, 2013).

Once you’ve identified your individual buyer personas, begin the information-gathering process by finding answers to the following questions:

What is the buyer’s role in the company?

What type of company does the buyer work for?

What level of education has the buyer achieved?

What does the buyer like to do for fun?

What is the buyer’s gender?

What is the buyer’s age?

What is the buyer’s household income?

Who lives with the buyer at home?

Does the buyer live in an urban, suburban or rural environment?

How does the buyer spend his/her day?

What does the buyer read for fun?

How tech savvy is the buyer?

Which social networks does the buyer prefer?

** More questions, tips and tools can be found online. **

The demographic information of each persona will help you target your ads more effectively, and the psychographic information can help you write more engaging copy for each particular persona. When you know your buyer, you can talk to him/her directly. A real-estate agent wouldn’t start picking out houses to show their clients if they didn’t know what they are looking for right? Same rules apply.

Knowing your customers can also get you better customers. Purchases, lead generation, and customer satisfaction can all be improved by targeting the right people and fulfilling whatever needs you discover they have during the persona creation process.

Placement is a key to effective marketing. When you understand your buyer personas, you know where they are, and how to reach them at the right time. Use your blog posts strategically by posting content that will appeal to each one of your buyer personas.

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